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Democratize Trade Finance  on the blockchain

Designed to provide access and choice for businesses to improve cash flow, LedgerFunding, Inc. offers a range of working capital solutions from a network of financial institutions. Our secure platform protects not only the integrity of transactions, but also the privacy of all participants. 


Our receivables financing allows businesses to get early payments for outstanding invoices.

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Distributors will benefit from our payables financing option which improves cash flows.

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Banks and finance providers can use our platform to reach new markets.

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Our Software

Learn more about our groundbreaking software when you visit our designated portals for suppliers, buyers, and funders.

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About LedgerFunding, Inc.

We are headquartered in New York City and our goal is to bring our innovation to the intersection of trade and finance worldwide. We collaborate with B2B networks and financial institutions to offer liquidity solutions so businesses can boost their cash flow to increase commercial trade.

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Our mission is to make working capital ubiquitous to business networks on a privacy-secure, self-directed platform.

For B2B Network and financial institution that would like to participate in our marketplace and increase growth, please contact us.



Please reach out with questions, comments, or request trial. We look forward to hearing from you.


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